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London, United Kingdom

"Mid-Century and Contemporary Scandinavian Design"
My name is Yael, founder of plainHjem design studio. The studio is located in Finchley, North London though I work on projects throughout the UK.

Whilst I have always had a deep appreciation of aesthetics, interior design is a second career for me. I have been an academic developmental psychologist for the past 23 years, completing my PhD in the field of child attachment at University College London. Juggling a family and an academic career was enough to keep me busy for many years but my love and passion for design did not abate, if anything it grew! Completing an interior design course at KLC School of Design in 2019 cemented my decision to pursue interior design as a career and this led to securing a number of freelance positions, working as an interior designer for other studios.

I formally founded plainHjem this year, as my own design studio, and am relishing the opportunities it will bring. Marrying form and function, my designs are aligned with the pared back Scandinavian aesthetic and the Japanese Wabi Sabi approach, celebrating the beauty of imperfection. The emphasis is on quality and durability, using materials that are natural and tactile. Mixing classic mid century iconic pieces with more contemporary elements is my signature and I thrive on creating elegant, refined and coherent spaces that stand the test of time.
Wescover creator since 2021

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