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Peter Tunney - Sculptures and Art
Peter Tunney
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Peter Tunney

Miami, FL

"It is difficult to separate the life and the work of Peter Tunney because in many ways they are one and the same. His work, which frequently mixes and varies in media, functions as relics of the constant performance that is Peter Tunney’s life. His work is a part of a bigger story, one that has taken him across every inch of the globe, seen him tackle wall street, travel out of his world and land back down to earth where he declared himself once and for all an artist. Having been around, Peter produces works that probe our culture with authority, mining images from newspapers, magazines, and art books and reinterpreting through his own unique perspective. Through his work, Tunney offers wisdom from someone who has crossed over to the other side, and made it back alive to tell the tale. His recent works, where refreshingly optimistic phrases and quotes are colorfully painted over collaged headlines, serve as the subtle attack on our culture of fear and ennui. As our media sources relay stories of death, destruction, hysteria and greed, Peter whimsically overpowers them with his own headlines, such as “DON'T PANIC", "BELIEVE", GRATTITUDE", and "CHANGE THE WAY YOU SEE EVERYTHING". In doing so he functions as his own media machine, redefines ways for us all to interact with and understand the world around us."