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Toronto, Canada

"Industrial Elegance"
PEKOTA is Industrial Elegance, a union of industrial aesthetic with the sophisticated elegance of a bygone era. We are a Toronto based design firm specializing in the manufacturing of hospitality and home furniture, lighting and accessories.

PEKOTA originated from Marco’s father's original name. At the end of World War Two young Benjamino escaped from communist Yugoslavia to Italy. In the process of being offered asylum in Italy his name was changed to Pecota because the letter K does not exist in the Italian alphabet.
A son of immigrants, Marco started in the family meat business at age 13, working in a slaughterhouse in the Stockyards district of Toronto. Through his youth he was exposed to many industrial design elements which are infused in Pekota designs today.
The major turning point for Marco was when he designed and renovated a 100 year old building into his home. The process was extensive and exhausting and at the end of the day, extremely fullfilling. Marco’s passion for design continued to grow and in a very short amount of time he began designing his first line of furniture.

Designing is a passion of mine and one that is defined by limitations (those technological and self-imposed). When I picked up my pencil for the first time, with the true intent of designing, there was no way for me to know the wonderful journey I was about to start... and yet, perhaps I have been designing all my life, hunched over my desk as a child, mapping out imaginary castles, tree forts and space ships.
Metal, wood, leather, imagination and the love of art are the mediums I use to create. These pieces are inspired by different parts of my life and different parts of my psyche. I love the mixture of aesthetics and ideas from different eras. Most of all, my art is ever evolving. Each new line of furniture reflects new design ideas. It has been very gratifying to create this work and exciting to look to a future filled with art and beauty.

We design and craft all of our products in Toronto, Canada from hand finished hot rolled steel, solid maple, Baltic birch plywood and vegetable dyed leather. By making all of our products locally we are able to have greater quality control and quick production. All of this contributes to a high quality product at a competitive price.
Our greatest asset is our manufacturing process which includes no welding allowing all of our goods to be flat packed allowing our shipping to be economical and environmentally friendly. All of our components can be replaced individually and our material is sustainable, strong, resilient and designed to last lifetimes.
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