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Pegg Furniture

Oxford, United Kingdom

"All-wood furniture for adaptable spaces: easy to move, fun to build, and made for life"
“Living in small homes and moving often has given me a passion for furniture that is easy to adapt, move and store. Furniture that makes a place feel spacious and free. Retraining after a career in renewable energy, I design with a deep committment to a healthy planet. Pegg is made in Oxford, UK, with a focus on natural, responsibly sourced materials." - Michael Buick, Designer and Maker

Pegg Furniture is new range of furniture designed around clever pegged joints, making it fun to build, easy to move and sustainable.

Fun to build: By reimagining one of joinery’s oldest techniques, Pegg creates a range of furniture that is fun to put together, lasts for ages, and is made almost entirely from wood.

Easy to move and store: We don’t stay in the same place forever. And we don’t always need all of our furniture. Easy to take apart and compact to store, Pegg frees you and your space.

Made responsibly: Wood is great. Real wood, not a mish-mash of chemicals, plastic and metal. Pegg is made from solid timber, responsibly sourced. Healthy for your living space and our planet.
Wescover creator since 2021

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