Paula Henderson - Public Mosaics and Public Art
Paula Henderson
Paula Henderson

Paula Henderson

Chicago, IL

“How our contemporary social landscape is shaped is the focus of my work. Our shared use of prevalent systems of representation, an ever-evolving part of the social dynamic, works as well to fix and limit our perceptions of one another. My re-arrangements of these forms question their function and authority as a means to elicit or suggest their inherent agency.

I perceive that productions as disparate as fashion and professional sports, and graphic illustrations such as maps and signage are experienced with such familiarity that their determinative nature is masked just below their finished surfaces. The complexity of these enterprises is, so to speak, hidden in plain sight. It is the intersections of the histories, practices, and authority of these productions as well as our relationship to them that constitute the conceptual and formal aspects of my query, which takes the form of pattern paintings, schematic abstractions, and maps.”
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