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Paul Seftel

Santa Fe, NM

"Artworks from the Edge of the Anthropocene"
Migrating across the US for the last 25 years, the artist has been exploring the geological, emotional and spiritual landscape. Investigating our unique place in time, consciousness and self are reflected in everything. Paul Seftel’s work looks deeply into nature and creation, exploring chaos and the personal transformations that occur within the abstract, ephemeral elements of insight and epiphany.

Creating his own archival hand made paints with pure pigment and minerals, Earth and Time are embodied- made manifest- within the fabric of the work. Intended and created as a gift for future generations, the work considers what true value and lasting wealth are and how priceless and fleeting it all is.

When they look back at this era at the end of the 20th and beginning of the 21st century, what will they see? A shallow people defined by the politics of greed, propaganda, plagiarism and pyramid schemes? Or a thoughtful race with heart and grace who tried to share love, understanding and the preservation / appreciation of our fragile planet?

These artworks are a sanctuary in which depth and beauty evolve - born from dreams, memories and hopes for this world. When you meet them in person, they affect their lovers and collectors in the same way, as a constant moment of curiosity, respite and reflection. Good medicine for rare hearts and minds.

Each piece takes between 1 and 3 months (at least), and is created through the build up of minerals, aggregate and sediment, layer after layer, creating new strata of painted and petrified earth. Dozens of layers of stone and metal minerals are added and subtracted, concealing, revealing in the pouring and pulling of pigment and polymer. It takes time to distill beauty from the ashes, to find the essence that remains.

Seftel has published three books to date— The Comet’s Tale, a cosmic coming of age novel based on his early experiences of far flung travels, near death experience, and living rough in the desert and mountains of the U.S.; Post History - an exploration of U.S history and propaganda in postage stamps- the tiniest forms of public art; and Light & Matter- a catalogue of paintings over the last 20 years.

Living in NYC for a decade before moving to California in 2015, Seftel has been running studios and project spaces across the US, and his work has been collected by leaders in all industries and high profile talents alike, including world renowned virtuoso violinist Joshua Bell.

Seftel has been written about in national and local print publications from the New York Times to the Monterey Herald. Collaborating on projects with artists across the country, from NYC to Detroit, Miami and California, and exhibiting in galleries and museums around the world, Paul also spent many years living in Colorado and New Mexico, creating custom commissions and installations in public venues and private residences. After studying art in London and Edinburgh, Seftel worked in the film industry in the late 90’s-early 00’s, working on dozens of noteworthy productions.
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