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Parer Studio

TAS, Australia

Parer Studio’s principal creative, Amanda Parer, is an Australian artist who began her art career as a painter and sculptor in Sydney but now resides Tasmania with her family, where she focused her practice on creating and presenting public art installations around the globe.

Inspired by the dramatic Tasmanian landscape, Parer’s artwork aims to explore the natural world, it’s fragility and the role of humanity within it. When the audience visits one of these ephemeral art installations they are enticed by the play of scale, light, dark, drama, and humour.

The giants of Parer Studio’s creations stand enlarged, stimulating imaginations while offering scope for reflection about our state with the natural world.

Parer Studio art installations have been on continual display since Parer first moved to this art form in 2014 and has so far been exhibited in 100 cities around the globe and they continue to capture public and media attention where ever they go.

Parer Studio is comprised of a team of producers, engineers, lighting, digital designers and technicians working internationally to develop, create the artwork, and to manage their display.
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