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Oscar Maslard - SCKARO - Murals and Street Murals
Oscar Maslard - SCKARO
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Oscar Maslard - SCKARO

Le Havre, France

Sckaro (Oscar Maslard) was born in 1985 and educated in le Havre, France.
With a father who is a graphic designer and photographer, Sckaro has always been attracted to drawing and the graphic arts. So he naturally followed this path with his brother Ratur (Arthur Maslard). Together, they discovered their passion for wall art when they met Madkow, a graffiti artist from Rouen, with whom they created their first murals. The three then founded the MV3 collective, painting with other artists all over France. Since 2009, Sckaro has mainly worked with the brush in the studio but keeps painting outdoor walls. His participation in various festivals of street art and his exhibitions in Europe and United states has gradually built up towards an international career.

The representational work of Sckaro questions the influences of the classic pictorial genres in modern "street art". His influences are mainly European and American (Vermeer, Sandorfi, Monory, Hopper, etc.). Sckaro, takes his inspiration from classic painting and its codes, such as the drapes or the flesh, and then adapts them to the modern world with his experience in graffiti. Most of the time, his directions are anonymous and the characters are always the main subjects of the works. The hand featured in his works is often his own. It sets the context and indicates the subject matter - the feelings of these anonymous characters. The direction is sometimes improbable, sometimes realistic, but the character is often a central point in his work.