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Ordo Amoris Art

Prague, Czechia

"From the space in between thoughts"
Ordo Amoris is abstract artist based in Prague, Europe, who creates abstract paintings from experimentation and exploration of a theme of freedom which she considers to be the essence of the primary source. Whether we are capable to create without any concept in our thinking mind, rather connected to the infinite energy, freely, consciously. But even if the concept turns into non-concept, it still seems to be a concept. The question she asks is: what is the freedom, then?

She received a Master of Philosophy of Art degree at Charles University in Prague, Czech republic. Not only constantly answers seeking studies, but as well her thoughts which go beyond what is usually known and perceived, influenced her paintings.

The act of going beyond what is usually known and thought either in perceptions or creations as a crucial part of her creative process can be understood, as Ordo Amoris reflects, as an invitation to a space that the mind would name “the miracles”. Devoid of all that makes us feel comfortable in the familiar, the space of freedom occurs where all that is is in a pure unconditional creation. Either to create it or to perceive it, by ignoring the habitual responses or unconscious thoughts, Ordo Amoris gives a space to creation of that frequency of being where there is the clarity of doing in so-called non-doing (explained in the traditional Eastern philosophy of wu-wei) where all that is provides the space into the unknown and to a priori freedom where all that is exists in almost meditative state of being regardless of any predominant behaviours or thoughts. “I study the space where questions and subsequent conversations arise between the universal energies of something considered, as an intention, the primary source of all the movement in the Universe, and on the other hand the freedom as the energy a priori inherent in all that is.” What is to go on the canvas, she reflects, is not a picture, nor an idea, not the event, but that “what is”. “I do not have tendencies to name my work abstract. The works created in the space of freedom of all that is are not my projections, nor expressions, it has nothing to do with myself, nor my feelings. It is not self-projected, the self is not even there. It is something beyond all experiencing as we know it.” The work, which she gives freedom for its ethereal organic forms to arise which are not conditioned yet are not automatic arising from subconscious, is rather a fluent transcendence of all that is, even itself. Being metaphysical in scope it can serve as a juxtaposition between that which we are conditioned to know and to think and that which comes from a priori freedom. “Is it not, then, the dissolved self in all that is without its hints or tendencies and freely moving and creating in a gap in between thoughts, the truest essence of its own?”, she asks. The question is not here to be answered. Ordo Amoris believes that "in our willingness to step into the unknown, the wisdom of uncertainty, where the freedom from our conditioning lies, we surrender ourselves to the creative mind that orchestrates the dance of the Universe.” The paintings might then show us something beyond all our conditioning.

Her tendencies in her work are inspired by post - war generation of American abstract expressionists where the canvas happened to be a vast space in which to act, rather than as a space in which to reproduce, redesign, analyse or express an object, actual or imagined. She goes even beyond in her visual studies and transcends that what the mind thinks, to the essential core of creating itself. What is to go on the canvas is an unconditional creation of all the movement in the Universe.
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