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Natalie Bessell

San Diego, CA

"Natalie is a bridge builder. Her art is a magical link to a supernatural world where the primitive soul is revealed, where beauty is Queen and the only answer is a mystery."

Natalie is a painter based in San Diego, California. Using acrylics and oils in earth tones on raw natural materials, her art explores the human relationship to nature in all of its complexities.

Bessell’s new series Creation: Phase 1-4 emphasizes the parallels between human life and plant life. Bessell finds that through the study of plants and their development we are able to see a simplified version of ourselves, allowing for a clear and concise understanding of our human process. Our own growth, blossoming and spreading of seed. She hopes that these underlying themes found in both the natural world and human world remind us of our connection to the earth, the sun, and the moon, and that with this connection we will be able to live in harmony with ourselves as well as the world around us.
Wescover creator since 2020

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