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Nani Chinellato - Rugs and Rugs & Textiles
Nani Chinellato
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Nani Chinellato

Itaim Bibi, Brazil

For artist Nani Chinellato of Sao Paulo, Brazil, the perception of the world passes through the hands. By their hands, which design creations of pure refinement, they weave unexpected games between weft and warp, which perceives the ideal texture of unique pieces. Touch is the greatest reference of this textile designer, sensitive to the beauty of raw material extracted from nature and transformed into art by craftsmanship.

Nani at a young age, exercised her talents through her own clothes and accessories, and, inventing creations that surprised her friends. They lived up to the artistic vein left behind by her father, an Italian born in Venice, who’s by hobby made hand and pure pleasure carpets, curtains and even models with a taste of haute couture. That flow of creativity sharpened the instincts of Nani Chinellato in search of technical accuracy and a high standard of excellence.

Their fabrics, rugs, blinds, nets, blankets, and cushions in natural fibers express far more than innate ability. They bring in the essence the craftsmanship and the latest technology, bringing together the best of these two worlds in a proper concept of textile design already recognized and respected in Brazil and abroad.

Nani Chinellato’s works are the only version in the world of a wall coating produced and applied without a single seam. Silk straw is the basic warp of her pieces, woven into different products (100% silk, suede to banana fiber), with different colors and textures and tailor-made handmade. Thus, appearing as natural, marked by good taste and sophistication.

In this trend of innovation and trends, Nani has also transformed the synthetic fiber into a product with a natural appearance and unique texture. The Acqua Line was launched for blinds, carpets, and coverings. Products with solar protection, anti UV and flameproof, waterproof and washable, this line is the perfect choice for indoor and outdoor environments in residential and commercial projects of high standard, thanks to its practicality, durability, and beauty.