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Michael Sanzone

New York, NY

Michael Sanzone's artistic process is intimately linked to his experiences of a certain place in a particular time and the materials that are found there, artifacts that form the basis of his work.  Michael collects materials from specific locations in an effort to explore the intertwined histories of place and matter within a new formulation: the finished piece of art. Such works become layered expressions of the past within the present, a mode of remembrance designed to reflect a very human struggle to remain in contact with that which has been while moving towards that which may come to be. 

Through assemblage and collage - the contemplation and appreciation of objects gaining new narrative and compositional meaning when placed within new contexts - Michael's work explores memory and our collective experience as human beings by finding inspiration in historical material, vintage magazines, children's toys, souvenirs, and the postal system. Beyond this interest in cultural collage, a dedication to the responsibility of repurposing and recycling is a thread throughout his work.  Michael has exhibited both nationally and internationally, including The Fleming Collection, London, 55 Mercer Gallery, New York, 532 Gallery, New York and AIR Gallery, Scotland.  His work is in both public and private collections.
Wescover creator since 2020

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