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meg jorgenson

Los Angeles, CA

"My work is natural, lyrical, and romantic It’s a spirited dance with a feminine edge"
Our harmony towards nature is genetic and deep rooted in evolution. The human wellbeing thrives in connectivity to the environment. The work I'm inspired to do is strongly energized by this. I forage elements from nature; stone, clay and petals, they are the liberating cornerstones of my pieces. Blending the palettes of what one might see on their walk to the market as they nod to the wildflowers and the rocks that scatter between their footsteps. These are the moods I encapsulate, a transcending experience. My practice is to bring joy through my artwork and to evoke a warm space in the home that has a sense of serenity and spiritual bond, something that is beautiful, with indefinite movement.
Wescover creator since 2021

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