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Mark Yale Harris

Carbondale, CO

"The purpose of my artwork is to invoke an awakening of the sensual, to stimulate a perceptual, internal and intellectual response for the viewer - a visual that speaks to life's experiences. The symbols I create, symbols of universal connection, underscore the relationship that one has to another and to nature."
Born in Buffalo, New York, Mark Yale Harris spent his childhood enthralled in the world of drawing and painting. Though honored for his creative endeavors, he was encouraged to pursue a more conventional career. After finding conventional success, he then pursued the artistic passion that existed just beneath the surface. With intensive mentoring, Harris began sculpting. He has since created an evolving body of work in stone and bronze. He is represented by numerous galleries and his work receives extensive press coverage. His pieces are in public and private collections, as well as museums worldwide, including Hilton Hotels; Royal Academy of London; Marin MOCA; Four Seasons Hotels; and the Open Air Museum - Ube, Japan.
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