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Marité Acosta

Bend, OR

Creative by nature, Marité’s career has led her to navigate through several artistic worlds. In her 30 years living in New York City, her many years in fashion and textile design took her around the world and back. Her artistic endeavors are undoubtedly influenced by her father, who while a doctor by profession, was an accomplished painter as well. Growing up in a Cuban household with her mother’s cooking gave her a passion for food, and along with her years of traveling opened her eyes and palette and influenced her career in the food industry. Classically trained in both culinary and pastry arts, she put it all together in her cooking and food styling. After a long break from making pottery, she found her way back in a shared NYC studio where her work started gaining recognition. In 2017 she made a bold and exciting move to beautiful Bend, Oregon and after a short hiatus due to the move, she's back creating new work this time in her own studio. Connecting with other Central Oregon artists, art lovers, and the beauty surrounding her, she is finding inspiration easy to come by.
Her pottery has appeared in the Wall Street Journal, Bon Appetit, Food & Wine, and other international magazines. Food styling clients include Food Network, Cooking Channel, Galbani Cheese, Colavita, Perugina.
Wescover creator since 2020

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