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Mandy Graham - Furniture and Interior Design
Mandy Graham
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Mandy Graham

Los Angeles, CA

Los Angeles based designer, Mandy Graham illustrates a body of work that embraces both the ornate and minimal.

The diversity of her projects share a design philosophy that defines a cohesive balance of texture, light and form. The use of such restraint communicates an aesthetic that is both timeless and sophisticated. This common thread is apparent throughout her work whilst she redesigns, renovates and builds out select residential projects down to the smallest of details. Most importantly, Graham approaches every project with the intent to tell a different story. The designer draws inspiration from her clients and architecture alike. With every project, Graham interprets an artful knowledge that is uniquely personal to her client and their home. All of which amounts to the soul behind the rooms she defines and the artistry within her work.

Graham's approach to furniture design exemplifies her attention to detail and respect for minimalism. Each collection embodies craftsmanship and materials of the highest quality. With the skilled hands of local tradesman, Graham's contagious aplomb sets the tone for what follows thereafter. Frequent editing, refined detailing, and the balance of art and function perpetuate an innate desire to create. The results are a noteworthy example of modern sophistication.