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Maliakai Design

Louisville, CO

Maliakai Architectural Design is a boutique architectural design firm offering highly customized services.

We are a dedicated team of professionals with many years of hands-on experience in architecture, planning, interior design, and green/sustainable design. We have successfully designed and built exquisite custom homes, remodels, restaurants, nightclubs, hospitality, and high-end residential projects.

Located in Boulder, Colorado we provide full architecture, planning, interior design and consultation services all over the United States and work on selected international projects. Our current list of projects includes Boulder, Denver, Vail - CO, Los Angeles, Santa Cruz, San Diego, San Francisco- CA.

Our clients have great trust in our ability to provide services that are highly personalized to create unique, sophisticated, one-of-a-kind designs.

Our designs are sophisticated and elegant with an emphasis on a human scale and natural materials. Each of our projects is unique and results in varied architectural styles, highlighting the individual requirements of the project and client.

Our expertise and experience will lead you through the design, permitting and construction process with ease. Our services typically include site planning, architecture, interior design, color consultation, structural and sustainable/green design consulting. We closely work with the landscape architect to ensure a smooth transition between the indoors and the outdoors, marrying the structure to the land; and we closely work with the interior designer and/or decorator to ensure that the architecture is in harmony with interior decoration and furniture.

We approach every project with a fresh mindset, not to miss opportunities coming from the site or the program. Whether your new project will be in the mountains, at the beach, in the desert, surrounded by acres of forest or urban infill - we design according to the level of sophistication and quality you envision for your new project. Our language is strong and in keeping with the surrounding landscape, highlighting special site features and views.

We will be your liaison to the contractor and all other consultants involved in designing and building your project to ensure that your project will be built within the established budget and schedule.

Our knowledge, experience, and attention to detail ensure that our beautiful designs are executed with high-quality building standards using the best materials and techniques and up-to-date building practices.

Unlike many other design firms, we typically select all interior fixed finishes, plumbing, appliances and interior items that are important to the success of the project. We closely collaborate with you, the interior decorator and specialty consultants for lighting, audio/video, MEP, art display, antiques, and security.

Regardless of the scope of services or size of the project, we are a dedicated team of professionals and believe that great customer service and fruitful owner-designer relationships are key to a successful project. We understand that as a team with you and the contractor we will create amazing homes and exceptional buildings.

We are not married to a style or language of architecture and approach every job from a fresh perspective to fully utilize its potential. We provide the design flexibility you are looking for.

However, all of our projects have one trait in common: Our strong attention to detail.
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