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Mahlon Huston

Cincinnati, OH

I'm Mahlon, the Principal Designer and chief workman here at Mahlon Huston Projects.
My objective is to design and produce well-engineered, highly crafted furniture that is poised and unencumbered. The methodology in my studio practice is to design each piece with the use of computer-aided drafting while utilizing traditional woodworking methods in conjunction with manual labor for the production of each piece.
The stylistic details found within my work, including accents of exposed joinery, sweeping and dramatic linear edges and taught surfaces. Convey the visual energy existing between hard and soft contours and intentional color choices, all serve to bring levity to each individual work.
These markers grow from my captivation with the formal characteristics found in mid- 20thcentury furniture, and from the cubist movement. Through my interpretations of these inspired forms, I am able to portray my own style of contemporary design thus creating a space “where craft styles elegance”.
Wescover creator since 2019

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