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Miami Beach, FL

"A body of artwork I am currently engaged in, the "Quarantine Collages", reflect the very surreal atmosphere we are living in. We are cut off from each other, our families, our usual energy; there is a sense of dislocation, a concept in much of my sculpture and drawings. The color serves as mood and a play of drama; there are illusions of space, with the backround and foreground interacting to reinforce that sense of the surreal, of not knowing where we are. I use linear forms as they relate to a kind of architecture and formality, and create a perspective projecting into space as well as boundaries that keep us in. The collages are a response to my reflections of life now as well as expand ideas and forms used in my studio practice. The cover photo, "Ever Glades" is a patinaed steel collage, 4' x 5."
Lori Nozick was born in the northeast US, and lived in New York for 25 years. She currently lives in Miami Beach and has a studio in the Fountainhead Program in Miami, FL.

Ms. Nozick holds a BFA from Philadelphia College of Art, and an MFA from Pratt Institute. The artist has exhibited her work in galleries and museums, done site-specific installations, both temporary and permanent, interior and exterior, been awarded public art commissions, and has received international, national, state, and foundation grants and fellowships for her work, including the Pollock Krasner Foundation Grant, the Rauchenberg grant, and the Adolph and Esther Gottlieb Foundation Emergency Grant.

Ms. Nozick was in a traumatic accident two months before the virus hit, and during this time, she has produced over 40 artworks, a series called “the Quarantine Collages”.

The artist was invited to the residency, “Proyecto En Sitio 2nd Edition”, in November 2018 at La Coyotera Taller Estudio, Umecuaro, Michoacan State, Mexico, creating “Masts and Anchors”, a site-specific sculpture/earthworks with all local and natural materials. Dirt and cement were mixed by my feet on the site and cast into earth-dug molds, along with local stone and logs.

Ms. Nozick created an installation of walls at RAW/Art Basel Miami 2017, a light installation for the Bass Museum Contemporary Art In Unexpected Places in 2015 and invited to do a Featured Project at SCOPE Miami 2014, an interactive monumental sculpture with reclaimed architectural elements, colored acrylic panels, and an 8’ curved staircase.

The artist’s public art commission , “Pensacola Beacons”, sponsored by the FL Art in State Buildings Programs, is a series of 3 light beacons at the UWF College of Business Plaza, Pensacola, FL. Ms. Nozick was honored in 2006 for “Luce Et Vita Universae”, selected as one of the Best Public Art Projects of the Year by the Americans For the Art Public Art Review, commissioned by the NYC % For Art, Public Art In Public School/SITES Program, and the School Construction Authority.

A photo interview in Sculpture Magazine, "The Girl Who Liked to Smell Dirt", was published in the January-February 2012 issue. Ms. Nozick had a solo exhibition of her drawings and sculpture at berlin art scouts Gallery in Berlin, Germany in September 2010 and gave a lecture at the US Embassy in Berlin. In recent exhibitions and installations, the artist has used reclaimed architectural elements and wood, solar energy and LED lighting, salt blocks, mud pigments, tar, dirt, charcoal burnt wood, sound and moving water as elements in her work, with increasing consciousness of renewable sources in art.

Ms. Nozick has taught and lectured at William Patterson University, Pratt Institute, and the American University in Corciano, Italy. She was an Adjunct Professor at MDC and an Artist in Residence with Perez Art Museum Miami, Institute of Contemporary Art/Miami, Arts4Learning Program, and done private mentoring and portfolio preparation, as well as arts workshops and lectures.

The artist has a design business doing decorative and unique surfaces for residential and public spaces, as well as specialized items, including unique map drawings, collages, home décor including pillows, tablecloths, placemats and bedspreads using the collage designs, working with business, museums, designers, and real estate developers.
Wescover creator since 2021

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