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Lisa Hemeon Art

Toronto, Canada

"Lisa Hemeon is a Toronto-based artist known for her abstracted waterscapes featuring glorious movement & gestural waves of colour. A theme of ‘undulation’ runs through each painting, as she works to represent the ebb & flow of our subconscious energy. The rich layering of mediums enhancing textural and atmospheric qualities exemplify Hemeon’s work."
Toronto painter Lisa Hemeon channels the theme of ‘undulation’ in each painting, representing the ebb & flow of subconscious energy. Water is the transformative, reflective & mesmerizing source from which she draws upon to create her work. The artist achieves this through accumulating layers of emulsions & glazes to create depth. Lisa has exhibited since 2002. She attended Gibraltar Point Art Residency in 2018. Her paintings have been published in VOGUE UK & the UK publication of London Lux.
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