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Los Angeles, CA

I am a Danish artist living in NoHo Arts District in Los Angeles.

I have been a tv producer for years, produced and created at lot of shows.

Working on big shows can be stressful and you can get lost in telling everybody else’s stories all day. Which is probably why I after 16 hours of work would go home and doodle. Draw my own stories.

I would always throw them away and never think of them again. But after a random hashtag on instagram on one of my drawings, an art collector contacted me and asked about my “pieces”.

Right then and there I knew it was time to stop keeping my stories to myself and let them see the light of day and actually consider them as pieces and not just doodles.

I always tend to get shy when other people look at my drawings in front of me. I draw feelings - not what I see. So every drawing is personal and tell intimate details about my own life - something i don’t necessarily shout out to the world in words :)

I love the simplicity black and white can express. That a simple line can express emotions, situations and make you think and interpret it in so many ways.
Wescover creator since 2019

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