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Laurie Frick

Austin, TX

"Data becomes pattern"
Data is like plastic, incredibly useful and horrible at the same time. In the past decade we’ve gone from being mostly anonymous to almost constantly tracked. Data surrounds us and follows us around. I use rigorous methods to capture, analyze and tell a story with data. My work attempts to explain and anticipate a world of pervasive data through large hand-made patterned wall installations. To contrast a cold and polished computer aesthetic, I use warmer, more familiar materials like wood, paper, wool, leather and glass. I believe the physicality of data and hand-built patterns will let us read and understand what our bodies and behavior tell us. Numeric data are abstract concepts, as humans we simply can’t make sense of large numbers, but we do have an ability to understand pattern - especially colorful pattern intuitively.

Laurie Frick uses data to examine what we can know about ourselves. In her hand-built installations, drawings and small works she experiments with how we will consume the mass of data increasingly captured about us. Evidence of her engineering background and long-history in high-tech are seen in the deep data analysis and detailed explanations of how this future will unfold. Her work about the future of data were recently featured on NPR’s All Things Considered, Atlantic and Wired Magazine; she has been invited to talk at Google, SXSW, Stanford and TEDx. Recipient of numerous residencies and awards, including Samsung Research, Yaddo, Bemis and Facebook. She holds an MFA from the New York Studio School, an MBA from University of Southern California and studied at NYU’s ITP program that melded art and technology into her current data work. Recent installations include public art in downtown Austin, CapitalOne, Facebook, Texas A&M and Michigan State University. She is represented by Margaret Thatcher Projects in New York, and has shown at numerous galleries and non-profit exhibitions with inclusion in an upcoming exhibition at the Musee de Civilization in Quebec.

Born in Los Angeles, she lives and works in Austin, Texas and Brooklyn, New York.
Wescover creator since 2019

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