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Laurie Anne Art

Phoenix, AZ

I am an artist living in Phoenix, Arizona with my husband, Taylor and our pup, Hazel. I work out of my Kitchen Studio which is in the heart of our home and is my favorite place to be. I can work on a painting, hangout with my family and eat dinner all at the same time! ;)

For as long as I remember, I have always enjoyed making things and working with my hands. I mainly work in Acrylic and Watercolor but enjoy creating a little bit of everything from making pottery to creating online courses.

When I am not working in my studio, my husband and I travel as much as we can or you can find us snuggled up with our pup, Hazel, reading or binging our latest TV shows. I was raised in Alabama and had the privilege of studying art at Auburn University and Florence University of the Arts in Italy.

I am self represented and sell my work online and ship directly from my studio in Phoenix but you can also find my work at Juniper Print Shop, a line of stationery with Dixie Designs and more coming soon!

Thank you for stopping by!! Take a look around or drop me a note to say hello! For a more ‘behind the scenes’ look, follow along with me on Instagram.
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