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Laura Huston - Tableware and Planters & Vases
Laura Huston
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Laura Huston

Houghton, United Kingdom

I am a studio potter living and working in North Norfolk in the same village where I grew up. I got a BA degree in Interior & spatial design at Chelsea Art College and went on to work on set design departments for film & tv. I started taking part-time courses in ceramics in 2010 at Morley college and then City Lit in London. In 2013 I moved up to Norfolk to have a family and a change in lifestyle.

I mainly throw on the wheel, sometimes joining pieces together. For some pieces, I apply a coloured slip then carve back into the slip to reveal the clay beneath, a process called 'sgraffito'.

Most of the pots have a matt, stony glaze, and are twice-fired in an electric kiln. Using various types of clay enables a difference in the final pieces, giving a range of quality from smooth and precise to rough and weathered, like a worn stone. It is my intention to make work of a timeless nature.

My work explores subtle variations of form, pattern, and colour taking inspiration from pieces of antiquity, patterns in textiles, drawings, paintings & nature’s constantly shifting displays. I am not keen on repetition. I like to experiment and keep refreshing ideas. I would almost say the work changes seasonally. There is a common theme but each piece is unique to some degree. Due to sudden spontaneous actions, some pieces are impossible to repeat. It is this unknowing alchemy and decisive action that excites me & often drives the work into new directions. Taking risks is a major force for change. Then I work on refining that idea into something beautiful & functional.

Keeping within the bounds of functional pottery the clay can act as sculpture or canvas, often both, the pieces constantly evolving as I regularly reimagine and rework the designs.

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