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Karlsruhe, Germany

"contemporary floorwear®"
kymo, from Germany, makes contemporary floorwear. Founded in Karlsruhe in 2005 by creative thinkers from diverse backgrounds, the kymo label is now sold in leading interior design stores all over the world.
Ambitious architects looking for something unique also turn to kymo as a flexible partner to realize product presentations and shop developments for premium brands or luxury company’s premises.
The kymo brand philosophy revolves around its tagline: GO ON. AND CREATE. The kymo collection reflects this, the epitome of a design-centric, young, vibrant lifestyle. The leitmotivs behind kymo are derived from music, in all its multiplicity. Every item of floorwear is like a score, an individual composition marrying harmonies, rhythms and melodies. A defining feature of kymo style is individuality, as style is not about predictability.

Head of Design Eva Langhans exploits every inch of leeway provided by this creative credo. Her designs make bold statements – against industrial, standardised mass production. So every single rug delivers on quality. And because materials and finishing take coordinated craftsmanship, each model is unique to manufacture. The very lifeblood of quality.
This marriage between excellence, innovative design and outstanding quality has attracted a number of international awards: the German Design Award, the red dot Design Award, the iF Award, the Good Design Award, the Iconic Award...
So every detail counts. And doing things by hand is the key. Because you have to feel something in order to make it great. We make great carpets. And we love it!

And because so much of our heart and soul goes into our products, we have created a new name for them. The only word that can truly describe our carpets: FLOORWEAR®

Our floorwear adorns the boutiques of Louis Vuitton, the executive suites of Uber and BMW and 5-star hotels in every corner of the globe.
Add one of our exclusive floorwear items to your home today. We can even tailor individual carpets to your desires.
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