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Knibb Design by Sean Knibb - Furniture and Lighting
Knibb Design by Sean Knibb
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Knibb Design by Sean Knibb

Los Angeles, CA

As the fearless leader behind Knibb Design Corp. puts it, “Listen, observe, create, elevate…” Designer Sean Knibb has a quiet, open approach to design that begins an awareness of what spaces need and ends with the skill of knowing how to provide it. His company, Knibb Design, has earned a reputation as one of Los Angeles’ most prominent and progressive design studios. Sean has remained true to his island roots, “I want to feel natural, I want to feel purposeful, I want to feel comfortable and I want to feel that I’m not destroying my environment, that I’m mindful as much as I possibly can be… I want to remember that the earth is my home and reach for the innovative, the remarkable, and the astonishing at the same time.”

The award-winning environmental design/build firm provides comprehensive landscape and urban design services. Sean Knibb’s projects range from restaurants – including the transformation of an old IHOP into the multi-award winning A-Frame, to bars, corporate and commercial interiors, residential estates, resort grounds, furniture, gardens, and art.

From his native Montego Bay, Jamaica, Sean’s informal training began at the age of five while cultivating anthuriums in the garden behind his grandparent’s flower shop. The interplay between the nature of the tropics and the colonial formality of his childhood home have cultivated a refined understanding of the juxtaposition of the wild, organic beauty of nature and the restrained geometry of the man-made. That sensibility lead Knibb to seek formal training at Otis Parsons School of the Arts and then, at the age of 23, to open his own design/build firm. The firm quickly grew to become a leader in design, winning large commissions and multiple awards.

Sean Knibb’s projects and collaborations include work with notable landscape and furniture designers including an array of architectural firms. Knibb has consistently executed projects from inception through construction with ease, finesse, and the characteristic professionalism that has built his company’s reputation.