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Berlin, Germany

"Tape is the new Paint" Tape Art Collective from Berlin est. 2010"
KlebeBande –
Tape Art Collective Berlin
Since the 90’s, we have been expressing ourselves artistically with great passion and are designing our living spaces in Berlin and other metropolises in the context of space, city and architecture.
In cooperation with our partners, we develop free and commissioned projects and implement them with great pleasure and dedication. Our focus is on permanent room & wall designs, as well as facades in and around public spaces.
As tape artists we make use of different materi- als, techniques and media. We are inspired by our urban environment, with its straight-lined forms and in contrast, nature. The continuous artistic and creative development of our work is of vital impor- tance to us.
The special thing about the development of our creations is a fundamental, conceptual approach.
We invest a lot of time and effort into research, conception and development of different styles & approaches.
We develop all our projects in close and reliable cooperation with our clients.
We are the three founders of KlebeBande – Bodo Höbing, Bruno “Beezeboe” Ridderbusch and Kolja Bultmann.
Tape is the new Paint.
Wescover creator since 2020

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