Kenjiroh Takada - Paintings and Art
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Kenjiroh Takada

Kenjiroh Takada

Kawasaki, Japan

"lines & Drawing!"
Solo Exhibition
2017 ART COLOURS Vol.21 Firefly of the dark Kenjiroh Takada Art Exhibition [Park Hotel Tokyo,Tokyo]
2017 Lunatic [HIGURE 17-15 cas,Tokyo]
2014 Drawing Specimen [ASK?P,Tokyo]
2010 Kenjiroh Takada Exibition [Gallery Rutan,Tokyo]

Group Exhibitions & Festivals
2019 Nakanojo Biennale2019 [Gunma]
2018 Nest of the Bug -Kenjiroh Takada & Takaharu Hori Exhibition- [artspace morgenrote,Tokyo]
2015 Nakanojo Biennale2015 [Gunma]
2014 group ZA Exhibition [O ArtMuseum,Tokyo] ’15-’18
2014 Mitsui Art Recommended Artist Exibition [McRAY visual technical studio,tokyo]
2013 Artsca Exhibition2 Meine KUNST [Gallery NIW,Tokyo]
2013 The prairie Exhibition [GALLERY KINGYO,Tokyo]
2012 Artsca Exhibition [Gallery NIW,Tokyo]
2012 Irregular Dots [Gallery Rutan,Tokyo]
2011 2011 CAF.N Exibition [The Museum of Modern Art Saitama,Saitama]
2011 To End the Beginning, It Is Also Linked [Sato Museum,Tokyo]

2011 47th Kanagawa Art Exibition
2011 Musashino Art university Degree Show Awarded the Outstanding MFA

Live Paint
2015 Design Festa Vol.42 [Tokyo Big Site,Tokyo]
2012 MUSABIRU!2 The Drawing Zone [Kodaira Second Junior High School,Tokyo]
2012 RoughSide [HarajukuFICTION,Tokyo]

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