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Kendall Temotio

Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

After many years of making Jewelry and pursuing my love for the arts. I always felt like something was missing. Why was I creating these pieces? Who were they really benefiting and How could I do more with my talent? How could I give purpose to my passion?

When my daughter, Alexia was born my world was turned upside down, she is such a blessing in so many ways but we discovered early on that she had a rare genetic condition that caused many medical concerns and developmental challenges. She is overcoming these challenges so well and surprises me every day.

I realized that, although my daughters condition was not severe, there are so many other kids and adults who have even more challenges and struggle developmentally, intellectually and physically. There are even more adults with disabilities that are lost or have become invisible to people around them. Everyone has their own story and I've always found it important to truly give everyone a chance to thrive, and see the beauty in each unique person.

Art & Jewelry have always been a big passion of mine. I am blessed with the opportunity to pursue it, with my baby girl Lexi by my side.
Wescover creator since 2018

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