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Kelly Marie Hogan: Posi+ive Ar+

Los Angeles, CA

“The identity of an artist is only as powerful as the impact they have on their community."

Kelly Marie Hogan is an LA-based contemporary artist (painter, muralist & designer) with a positive mission.

She produces her artworks in hopes to inspire a collective mindfulness triggered by her positive-charged art. Kelly often works large-scale and abstractly, this is most freeing for her. She also paints live, with an intention of immersing others around her into the actual creative process from start to finish…considering everyone and everything around her, a necessary part of her painting performance pieces.

““This allows for our stories to align, and for us to connect through observation and interactive shared experiences.””

There are many different symbols in her paintings that are hidden, exposed and sometimes half recognizable giving others the opportunity to project an open interpretation of whatever they choose to see. The symbols she often incorporates into her works, portray personal insights that hold significance to her from her own experiences. Each one has its own positive meaning that she has assigned to it, while allowing others to find out their own.

"Symbols are so powerful because they are universal and timeless representations. They allow us as individuals to ascribe unique
meanings to them. ”

The message Kelly is conveying in her art is the message of hope. It’s about the power of positivity- the action of turning what initially may be seen as something negative into something that is positive.

"I am encouraging this simple flip in perspective for viewers to carry into their own lives.”
Wescover creator since 2017

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