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Kazy Usclef

Nantes, France

Kazy-K, born in 1984, lives and works in Nantes. Nourished by a practice of graffiti in its most diverse forms for more than ten years, he now uses a wide range of representation techniques (engraving, serigraphy, painting, ink, stencil ...). Influenced by the classics of Painting, underground imagery from the 80s to today, or more broadly by "folk art", he did not hesitate to incisively divert certain sacred iconographies. His work could be defined by a constant search for encounter, technical, human, cultural; where friction constantly feeds his artistic research. It is through this research that it feeds a variety of "languages" for the sake of accessibility by the greatest number. Kazy-K also collaborates with different collectives and companies. His productions are most often fueled by travel and referenced in the street, an infinite source of inspiration considered as an open-air gallery and a perfect field of experimentation.

"Kazy K, Kazy key, Kazyus key, one" f ", two" ff ", a lot of" K ", it is the mixture of genres behind which the artist hides. (...) If nothing seems distinguishing him from other young artists, as less and less of his generation and from the height of his youth, he is keen to defend what he calls his “old-fashioned techniques.” He engraves, serigraphy, pencils, sketch, ink… Do not give yourself any limits, leave all doors open and then use your "palette of possible languages" to dialogue with the city. Kazy K remains elusive, without barrier and without reproach, he gives birth to characters out of nowhere apart from his imagination, animated animals, diverted human faces, metaphors and other criticisms of society. He has fun with the world around him. Sometimes black and white, sober and geometric, sometimes explosive and colorful . " (Source webzine "Fragil" / 2011)
Wescover creator since 2020

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