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Kate Van Harreveld

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Kate van Harreveld’s work is a combination of drawing, painting and collage-techniques. Materials like glitter, wood, stone or thread are sometimes added to bring a three-dimensional element into the image. She is searching for the boundaries of drawing and has a need to feel free in the use of materials and subject matter.
The subjects she draws evoke a certain emotion in her, in their desolation, gloom or astonishment. Some strange sense of recognition and must therefore be drawn.
For van Harreveld everything is animated: objects, landscapes, buildings. Magical and mysterious.
It often occurs to her that what one unexpectedly encounters is more remarkable than what the imagination can concoct. Truth is stranger than fiction. That strangeness invites and triggers her to draw.
It seems that something substantial of herself automatically appears in the drawing.
She consciously searches for solitude, and in that solitude she feels at home.
These drawings emerge from a search for amazement and a need to capture memories.
The result shows an intimate, frozen world with an often ominous undertone. The portrayed subjects seem to be waiting for something. A feeling of impending doom is omnipresent. Acquiescent and imminent at the same time. A personal vision of what happens on earth.

Kate van Harreveld lives and works in Amsterdam
Wescover creator since 2019

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