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Kate Rattray Mosaic Artist

Exeter, United Kingdom

"Enchanting and inspiring mosaic art for the soul."
Contemporary mosaic artist Kate Rattray lives and works in Devon, UK. Award winning and internationally recognized , her colourful work has been described as innovative and other-wordly. It often transcends the conventions of traditional mosaic art as she constantly explores new techniques and materials.
Kate has always lived in the countryside and is constantly inspired by nature; the weather and colourful skies, flights of birds, and the changing seasons. She is fascinated with old folk tales, mythologies that take their essence from nature.
More recent works have led to an interest in religion and reliquaries and stories of Saints.
Kate likes to use strong coloured glass as well as rich tones of gold leaf glass. As well as using Venetian gold leaf glass and smalti she gilds her own glass with various colours of metal leaf. In an outdoor environment the hand made gilded glass tarnishes and changes colour over time, she finds this a fascinating process that she likens to the changing colour of autumn leaves.
Wescover creator since 2020

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