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Karasek Fine Art

Phoenix, AZ

Born, London 1939, Laurence Karasek graduated from the Royal Academy of Art with a Leverhulme Traveling Scholarship and went on to a teaching career at colleges and universities in Great Britain, New Zealand and the US. He left Christchurch, New Zealand, in 1971 to teach at the University of Denver and at the University of Montana, was appointed chair of the Department of Art in 1976.
The art of Laurence Karasek is seen in collections public and private internationally. Also known for public sculpture commissions, landscape, exhibition and children's playground design, Laurence Karasek has an extensive creative portfolio. In 2005 he became a Swiss resident and as a professional artist, began making and exhibiting large format paintings. He returned to the US in 2007, designing his art studio at Medina Lake, Texas. and moved from Texas to the art and cultural life of Phoenix, AZ. November 2015. The paintings in the “SELECT PAINTINGS” exhibition at the 335 Gallery, Phoenix, are large, some 12 to 18 feet wide, all landscapes and are from five series made in Switzerland, New York and Texas.
"Painting for me is a process of memory and of new experience, being aware of the memory of places or persons and how that feels in the process of pictorial restructuring. Recollections are actualized as paint, sometimes oil, sometimes acrylic, sometimes with the evident charcoal or chalk of the early stages layout on paper or canvas. What evolves as colors, shapes and forms manifests the essence of the subject. My paintings are abstracted from and energized by observed reality and the process of making a painting itself, an expressive dichotomy both self referential and objective. Each painting is something of a journey into the unknown, flat and spatial, large format, chromatic, recreated from memory through drawings, of specific memories and specific places.”
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