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K. Allison Ceramics

Salem, MA

Kimberly Allison's path into the world of ceramics was a non-traditional one. She studied film production and graphic design at Boston University and spent more than a decade as a corporate graphic designer in Boston. In 2012, she took her first ceramics class as a date night with her husband and immediately became enamored with clay. In late 2016, after four years of immersing herself in classes and studio workshops, Kim decided to shift careers to pursue ceramics full time. Her backgrounds in film and in design contribute to her love of storytelling and her enthusiasm for the art of making by hand. She currently focuses on fine craft shows, exhibitions, galleries, and private sales in addition to passing on her love of clay by teaching at the studio where she learned.

During Kim's corporate career, she lived near conservation land and the ocean but rarely interacted with either. Only in pursuing ceramics did she learn to connect with the surroundings that now inspire her work. She is drawn to birches, burnt logs, tides, clouds, and the sensory connections we share with these bits of nature even when we aren’t paying attention.

Kim is also interested in pottery’s ability to convey visual and tactile experiences simultaneously. She uses both handbuilt and wheelthrown porcelain forms, carvings, slips, and glazes to create or obscure texture, light, and shadow to explore the relationship between what we see and what we feel when we interact with ceramics.

Her approach is minimalist but warm, a Nordic aesthetic influenced by her Swedish grandmother. She pares her concepts to their simplest elements, leaving enough to evoke a subtle feeling or memory. Pieces can stand alone or be grouped to reference forest groves, frenzied waves, or a sudden cloudburst.
Wescover creator since 2020

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