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Judithe Hernández - Public Mosaics and Public Art
Judithe Hernández
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Judithe Hernández

Los Angeles, CA

"Coming of age during the socio-political mobilizations known as the Chicano Movement, Judithe Hernández is a visual artist who has found inspiration in poetry, urban vernacular aesthetics, feminism, classical Greek sculpture, Mesoamerican cosmology, and biblical narratives. She has also had a profound influence on Chicano art and contemporary Los Angeles visual aesthetics as a member of the celebrated East Los Angeles artist collective Los Four, and through her public art by creating a new visual library for Los Angeles. Her public art mixed classical and figurative compositions with urban calligraphy, thereby pushing the boundaries or distinctions between fine art, graffiti, and folk art. In 1983, her solo exhibition at the Cayman Gallery in New York City's SoHo district made her the first Chicana to extend her artistic reach beyond the West coast. The international significance of her work was first acknowledged in the 1990 exhibition, Les Démon des Anges. Hernández was one of sixteen artists selected for this traveling exhibition that toured France, Belgium, Sweden, and Spain."

Her significant record of exhibition is complemented by a robust repository of her work in private and public collections, including the Smithsonian American Art Museum, Washington D.C.; the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Art, Philadelphia; the Bank of American Collection; the Crocker Art Museum, Sacramento; the National Museum of Mexican Art, Chicago; the Museum of Latin American Art, Long Beach; the El Paso Museum of Art; and the two major public repositories of Chicano art, the Universities of California at Los Angeles and Santa Barbara. The Smithsonian has also collected her oral history and her work has been acquired for several important private collections.”