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Jude Caisley

Jude Caisley

London, United Kingdom

"Dynamic, ethereal and colour filled abstract paintings"
Jude Caisley's work is primarily about releasing and reflecting her inner world through the vehicle of colour and movement, whilst in awe of the Master Creator.

Jude was born and raised in Northumberland, England. She originally trained in fashion and textiles and worked in the fashion industry for a number of years before discovering her love for painting. Now based in London she works as a full time artist.

Working mainly in acrylic, using an intuitive approach where form is allowed to develop from spontaneous movement and a deep connection to music. A mix of traditional and innovative techniques are then used to search for the beauty and intricate details that lie within the initial phase.

Her work encompasses bold gestural brushstrokes, vibrant colour, subtle blended layers and rich textures which are at once dynamic, ethereal and captivating.

By invoking a sense of energy, freedom and mystery she invites her audience to encounter feelings of inspiration and wellbeing.

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