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Jos Sances - Murals and Art
Jos Sances
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Jos Sances

San Francisco, CA

"For more than 40 years I have made my living as a printmaker and muralist in the San Francisco Bay Area. My work is narrative, a kind of story telling based on my political concerns, rooted in a graphic printmaking tradition that strives to communicate complicated ideas instantly. This practice employs pictorial detail, involves the whole surface and conveys the message through both brevity and specificity." - Jos Sances

Jos Sances was born John Joseph Sances in Boston, attended Montserrat School of Visual Art in Beverly, Massachusetts. For over the past 40 years he has made his living as a Printmaker and Muralist in the San Francisco Bay Area.
Jos has created over 20 public artworks here in the Bay Area, across the country and abroad. Painting murals at the Oakland Coliseum and tile mural commissions at the Juvenile Justice Center in San Leandro, CA, AMTRAK/BART Station, Richmond, CA, the Sixteenth Street BART station in San Francisco.

Two tile murals were completed in 2009, at the Castro Valley Library and Arnett Watson Apartments in San Francisco with Art Hazelwood . In 2010 with Daniel Galvez,completed a huge 7000 sq.ft mural for a new recreation center at Ira Jenkins Park in Oakland. In 2011, again with Galvez, a tile and etched metal artwork was completed for Skyline College in San Bruno, CA. In 2015 and 2016 three screenprinted tile murals were produced with students in workshops in Todos Santos, Baja, Mexico, Shoruq Cultural Center, Dheisheh Refugee Camp, Palestine and at Berkeley High School.”