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Jonay di Ragno Artist

Puerto Rico

It was the terracotta-colored volcanic shore of Tenerife which first sparked his imagination. Then the blue waters surrounding Puerto Rico fueled his creativity. From the Canary Islands in Spain to the West Indies, Jonay di Ragno was bound to start a life journey of art.

A mind influenced by Mediterranean spice and Caribbean sugar, he merges both worlds into a paradigm of calculation or chance. “Sacred or profane, I choose no sides,” he says, “between science and religion, there’s a never-ending flirt line in the horizon.”

Internationally acclaimed di Ragno expresses everyday life’s subtleties through the act of painting. Expanding from the abstract expressionism movement, his works speak of human experiences such as pleasure, tension, and gratitude. He employs textures and expressional moves to create dynamic, hard and soft actions under the umbrella of the sublime alchemy method.

“Painting the performance,” he explains.

The energy of every brushstroke and his unique approach of color implementation cannot be denied. Buildup, scratches, punctures, gems, clay, rocks and crystals – just to name a few of his visual vocabulary of surface treatments.
Scrapping away marks. The results? Powerful pieces that whisper brutally beautiful offense in the ears of established parameters of the Modern ART landscapes. The viewer gets trapped in and seduced by a symphony of gestures and pragmatic tones. Scandalous, one might say.
“If a painting does not resemble the fascination emanating from of a star, a sun, or a moon – if it does not represent the same force and energy, then my work is doing nothing”, di Ragno believes.

He provokes the accident to occur, welcomes the uninvited, and then captures it. He proceeds to distill, purify, and transform each piece into an “Ora et Labora” state. His works ask the viewer to experience this emotional connection.

“It is pointless to argue that Rembrandt and Van Gogh worked in a similar way. I don’t make Art. ART makes me”, he summarizes.
Wescover creator since 2020

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