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John A. Peralta

Austin, TX

John A. Peralta is an established, multi-faceted artist whose unconventional style of sculpture incorporates iconic mechanical objects and high-tech materials to produce astonishingly beautiful and complex representations.

His interpretation of what is known in engineering terms as the exploded diagram is truly original and demonstrates his extraordinary imagination, technical expertise, and inventiveness.

Although John demonstrated exceptional artistic talent from an early age, he received no formal training as an artist. It wasn’t until his late thirties that he found his artistic voice. His interests are in visual and textural contrasts, motion, mechanics, space, time, and the use of bold colors.

John is currently represented by Wally Workman Gallery in Austin, George Billis Gallery in Los Angeles, and Cinq Gallery in Dallas. He has had major exhibitions in Los Angeles, Chicago, Dallas and Austin. Commissions for private collectors and corporate clients are also a significant part of his work.
Wescover creator since 2017

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