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Jesse Smith

Richmond, VA

Born of fickle nature, Jesse has scoured the corners of the earth in search of something to fill his creative void. From an early age it was rather obvious that he was a little off. A master of many mediums, Jesse was once spotted decorating the wall beside his crib with the contents of his diaper. It was then that his creative adventure would begin. Since then, Jesse has conquered many other mediums, the latest being the tattoo machine. At the age of 21, Jesse stumbled upon a fella named Carlos who had just been released from jail. He enjoyed Jesse’s art and soon taught him how to build a ghetto gun. From there Jesse consumed every minute of his life learning as much as he could about the art of tattooing. While steady crunchin along in the tattoo world, Jesse decided to move to Richmond, Virginia to seek a Bachelors Degree in Fine art. In December of 2004 he received his degree and hit the ground running. Since then he has been published in dozens of tattoo magazines and has also won a ton of awards for his brilliant use of color. He now still resides in Richmond, Virginia where he opened his own studio called Loose Screw Tattoo back in 2011.
Wescover creator since 2019

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