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Jess Tinsley Fine Art

Memphis, TN

"The Art of Expression Through Color & Mark Making"
Jess Tinsley is an artist advocating for hope, healing, & change through her work. A native of Memphis, TN, Jess uses paint and various media to create colorful artwork that gives visual representation to feeling.
With a background in business administration, Jess started a career change into art after a traumatic car wreck with her children. Jess and her four children (and one on the way) wrecked into a lake and the car almost overturned. No one was hurt, but to deal with all the what ifs and trauma surrounding the wreck, she was counseled to do some creative therapy to express and overcome the fear. She fell back on an old and ongoing hobby – painting – and felt such a sense of healing and fulfillment from that exercise, that she painted more and more. As she continued to work, she found a sense of purpose and calling that led to a full-time commitment to art as a career.
Coming from a background of dealing with fear, depression, & anxiety, Jess has found great comfort & purpose in art. Desiring to share with others her passion for healing and hope, she uses art to connect with others and offers catharsis to viewers as they experience the work.
Wescover creator since 2020

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