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Jeremy Alden - Public Sculptures and Public Art
Jeremy Alden
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Jeremy Alden

San Francisco, CA

“As the counterpoint to a culture of intended obsolescence, Jeremy Alden designs objects with intrinsic value; products that transcend function and strike universal chords. He focuses the communicative power of design – through form, image, experience, and word. His work nurtures the inherent structure and beauty of materials. J Alden Design is dedicated to provocative product, sculpture, furniture and architectural design with work ranging from mass-produced products to commissioned pieces for private and public collections for building renovations. He believes that designers must understand the materials that they shape; not just the physical properties but the cultural, historical, and social references. This philosophy is manifest in the 50 Dozen chair one of which resides in the permanent collection of the Baltimore Museum of Art. As a Pratt Institute graduate with a decade of professional experience in industrial design, architecture, and urban design, his diverse skill set and vision are the key attributes of his success.”

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