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Jeff Ivanhoe - Public Mosaics and Public Art
Jeff Ivanhoe
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Jeff Ivanhoe

Phoenix, AZ

Jeff Ivanhoe recycles soda and beer cans in an unusual way. His visually exciting mosaics are created from pieces of aluminum cans.

Ivanhoe is the only one in the world who creates mosaics from aluminum. He was also a pioneer in recycling aluminum cans to create his works in the early ’80s. During a successful career, Ivanhoe’s art has been featured in Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Appearing in national newspapers, and has been showcased in galleries and magazines worldwide. Some of his work has also made it into the private collections of several celebrities.

It’s truly amazing how Ivanhoe can cut out pieces from various types of aluminum cans such as soda and beer cans to create classic roadsters, iconic portraits, or places.

Ivanhoe studied art at the University of Arizona and ultimately became a graphic artist who went to work in the advertising field. He also worked with several celebrities, such as Julie Andrews, Bill Bixby and E.G. Marshall, setting up promotional sets for them.

Jeff Ivanhoe founded AluMosaics. AluMosaics is an art form that transforms aluminum cans into stunning works of art.