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London, United Kingdom

"Jay Kaes is presently working on a creative process that focuses on the interrelation of art and technology. It is about the change of human beings due to technology and its exponential growth, and the art especially reflects the human ability to deal with these changes that affect the way we see ourselves as well as our vision of the future as a society"
Jay Kaes is a Spanish Street Artist living in the UK, his murals can be seen around the world. His aim through his art is to brighten public or private environments through wall murals. He seeks to motivate the people looking, with pieces of art loaded with modern references and meaning, addressing current issues to contribute something positive to society.

In 2019 Kaes painted his biggest mural to date, a 600 square feet wall for Galeria Vertical to renew the walls in Reinosa, a small town in North Spain. In 2020 he painted his tallest wall, 22x9m for Art in Progress and their ARTWALK5 festival, where he created an AR animation to be seen on a mobile phone in front of the mural. Jay has painted murals for companies such as Netflix, Sony, Marvel and the BBC.
Wescover creator since 2019

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