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Jason McGee - Paintings and Art
Jason McGee
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Jason McGee

Charlotte, NC

Born and raised in Indian Trail, NC. Studied Cultural Anthropology & Sociology at UNC-Greensboro (NC) and Graduate degrees at University of Hull (UK), including fieldwork in Spain and Gibraltar. Currently residing in Charlotte, NC with his wife and two dogs.

Mixed-media. Channeling a compulsion to create.

Abstract painter interpreting the spatial relationships of nature above and below the horizon. An exploration of color palettes and layers of media above and below the surface. Loosely based on seasonal changes and familiar surroundings of the American south.

"I had often thought painting would be a good outlet for me. It was not until I learned a sober way of living that I took pigment to canvas. Regardless of how it looks at the end of the day, the action of painting is a major reason for my continued serenity and sobriety. The meditative process of my work precludes anything else in my surroundings."