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Miami, FL

"Perfectionist, researcher-artist Douglas Hoeckzema conceives and uses projection and dripping techniques to give life to fluid painterly shapes and patterns embedded in a philosophical approach. Through repetitions and analyses, the artist has managed to recreate the characteristic harmony of contingency, revealing the aesthetic qualities of controlled chaos…"
Douglas Hoekzema, aka Hoxxoh attempts to show us a different way of viewing time through a means of exploring its natural fabric. His work creates a new foundation and approach to evaluating and appreciating time. Hoxxoh’s work isn’t about the ebbs and flows of time eventually determining whether our existence will stand to be recognized, but instead serves to show that time in itself is a beautiful energy meant to be marveled at. His works represent what happens when we let go of our control of time and let its predetermined course take control. Spheres of life are on display, illustrating the motions of space and time working in unison to create natural order and controlled chaos.
Wescover creator since 2020

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