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Homelosophy - Linens & Bedding and Pillows
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Miami, FL

"Prudently drawing from a wide range of contemporary trends, Homelosophy strives to produce the perfect alignment of stylistic elements necessary to satisfy a diversity of tastes. Whether classic or contemporary, formal or casual, our hand-woven textiles serve to meet the standards of elegance necessitated by any occasion. Designs are characterized by a combination of elegant chic and contemporary style with high visual appeal

Our fabrics—uniquely resilient yet containing a softness resembling the utmost delicacy—derives from Patagonia, Argentina, and are made from 100% natural fibers. We offer over 200 products — a unique and eclectic assortment of chunky knit throws, throw blankets, decorative throw pillows and oversized wool poufs using textures with warmth and depth that are touchable and stylish —none of which are identical, and all of which are guaranteed to meet your qualitative standards.

Homelosophy was founded in 2008 with a mission to provide unique and handwoven items. In an environment filled with mass-produced product, Homelosophy strives to deliver a piece of history and meaningful interest to each and every product it sells.

Since the company’s inception, Homelosophy has been providing the most sophisticated clients with cultivated quality at the finest specialty boutiques in the world. The understated luxury and timeless quality of our collection derives from the sincere commitment of men and women who have devoted their lives’ passion to creating each individual Homelosophy product.

Homelosophy's unique mix of organic, design-driven accessories and textiles is rich in texture and elemental in composition. Contemporary chic design, timeless quality, unexpected materials and handcrafted finishes form the foundation of our product mix. The eclectic blend of textures, classic silhouettes and timeless design will transform any interior.

The ‘naturally chic collection’ comprises a beautiful range of products that draws on today’s trend toward large-scale knits, soft textiles with warmth and depth and a clash of fabrics and pattern to stimulate the senses.

Textiles are organic and free from chemical dyes and bleaches. Using traditional craftsmanship each product is handcrafted with the purest fibres from Argentina’s world renowned wools which are carefully hand spun to ensure the highest quality, softness and comfort. Using only 100% natural fibres such as cotton, linen, raw silk, llama, alpaca, corriedale and merino wool. These natural fibres are breathable, durable, a natural insulator during cold winter months and cool in the summer.

Touch’ is the principal theme behind the range. Each product is either hand woven on looms or hand-knitted with care, passion and real attention to detail which results in a uniquely comfortable, durable and luxurious texture."