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helen b

Ghent, Belgium

"Our happiness is handmade"
helen b is short for Helen Blanchaert, I’m a joyful fortysomething from Ghent, Belgium. I draw, design and create objects that make everyday life even more enjoyable and that perfectly fit my own universe. Some years ago, when my mother got ill, I started drawing in the hospital next to her to pass time. It was because of her encouragement at the time, I pursued my dream to become the illustrator I am now and make the world a bit more beautiful with my drawings.

I’m fond of travelling, good food and exploring the world with my husband Peter and our two daughters.

Whenever possible, helen b’s collection is handmade with the greatest respect for man and nature. I’m closely involved in all production processes. Up until today, a large part of the collection is produced in a sheltered workshop by which we also contribute to the local social economy. Production processes abroad are monitored closely as well.

Honesty, transparency and joy, that’ s helen b.
Wescover creator since 2020

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