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Hedva Ser

Paris, France

"Art, Sculpture as a tool for Peace"
Hedva Ser is an internationally recognized artist, UNESCO Artist for Peace, Goodwill Ambassador and Special Envoy for Cultural Diplomacy of UNESCO.

Hedva Ser’s work includes tapestries, watercolors, and jewelry. She is best known for her powerful sculptures. Hedva’s monumental bronzes have become symbols of peace, symbols of tolerance, and symbols of intercultural outreach around the world. Hedva Ser is one of Europe’s pioneers using art in the goal of creating social progress, and Education for Peace. Over the years, her work has provided focus and physical connection to her efforts to build peace through art.

Hedva speaks through her art with an eloquence that has placed her among the rare artists that has successfully brought people together to reflect and discuss some of the most difficult issues of our times, and continues to use her art to transmit the message of peace and tolerance to new generations.

As part of her struggle for intercultural dialogue, Hedva Ser travels the world and inaugurates her sculpture the Tree of Peace since 2007. And, she inaugurated her Garden of Hope with 4 monumental sculptures about Destruction and Rebirth in Krakow, Poland.
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